Laurel wreath, to right, on neck, above a row of widely spaced dots. Relief dots detail xxx and added white has been used for xxx. A woman wearing a peplum, sitting on a chair holding a mirror? A tree trunk on the fair right of the cast, with branches stretching above the figures. A feather on her head, probably Ma'at. He holds a tall stick in one hand and some sort of disk in the other.


Figure Sketch. Undated. 14 x 17 inches. Unsigned. Pencil on paper.

Next to that, there is the lower part of a female draped figure, with small crosses on it. The edge is also black and its side surface bears a reserved line and a black line underneath, from which seem to be hanging short, vertical lines. He seems to step on two red lines, and the rest of the fragment is black. Interior: The surface is black from the rim to the tondo, except for two, red, concentric bands approximately 1 cm within the carination, and a similar red band framing the tondo. Possibly Hercules holding a dagger sitting on lion skin, to the left of him there are some letters in Greek, possibly a mini sphinx by his left foot. Medea did not, however, restore Pelias' life and was driven out of Iolcus. Edit with RF Editor.

Man Holding Pretty Nude Woman - Stock Photo SS

Rev: Apollo holding long laurel branch and bow L. Using this image on a resale item or template? Naked male figure athlete holding a discuss. This photo is already purchased Do you want to buy a photo? There are objects for which Decoration contains " holding " On the interior there are two, concentric, reddish-brown circles. In raised left hand he holds an indeterminate instrument Ure: handleless fork; Boardman: syrinx and he rests his right hand, brought before his body, on an oar-shaped object trumpet; Ure: winnowing fan; Boardman: 'lagobolon'.
He is also holding an unidentified object in his right hand which also rests against his leg. Another figure in the background. On the right, an Amazon and a Greek are shown in profile running towards the left, projecting their spears. Medea did not, however, restore Pelias' life and was driven out of Iolcus. Media Type : Stock Photo.

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