Nerve is a weekly ‘must read’ electronic newsletter that contains news of forthcoming CTNI events along with snippets and updates of interest to the CTNI community.

Most important, Nerve features 3 CTNI Principal Investigators per week, providing up-to-date profiles of their research work, covering where possible a mix of basic, epidemiological, and clinical research labs.

Nerve PI profiles are a summary of:


-planned research

-highlights and impediments

-any resources a lab might wish to know of that are available in other CTNI labs [e.g, transgenic mice, antibodies, equipment, etc.]

-what resources labs have that others might be interested in

-any opportunities for collaboration

-any specialized experience that PIs have acquired that could be useful to other CTNI members.

A compendium of all past profiles is available to you here.  You may search by PI from the alphabetical list to the right.